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Our Monogram China Services


Monogrammed China - Gold
White Body
Gold Rim
No Trim Color
Script Type
Margaret Cup
Monogrammed China - Platinum
White Body
Platinum Rim
No Trim Color
Block Type
Can Cup
Monogrammed China - Blue
Ivory Body
Platinum Rim
Blue Trim Color
Block Type
Can Cup
Monogrammed China - Green
White Body
Platinum Rim
Green Trim Color
Script Type
Margaret Cup


Monogram Pear image 


Monogram giftware image 



Pickard china has graced the finest tables in the world for over 100 years


Personalize Your Pickard China

Our Signature Collection of custom monogrammed fine china is the ultimate personalization program

Choose from the following 10 custom options:


Ivory or white fine porcelain china body
White vs Ivory comparison

+Enlarge comparison

2) Gold or platinum trim and monogram
3) Script or block monogram font
Script Font+Enlarge Block Font+Enlarge
4) Choice of three, two or one letter monogram
Three letter monogram Two letter monogram One letter monogram
5) Choice of 2 different tea cup styles/shapes: Margaret or Can
Margaret style+Enlarge Margaret Can style+Enlarge Can
6) Choice of 2 different beverage server set styles/shapes: Barbara or Can
Barbara style+Enlarge Barbara Can style+Enlarge Can
7) Possibility to add in one of six colors with precious metal banding
Plate banding colors+Enlarge
8) You can select which pieces you wish to monogram
Dinner Plate
Oversized Dinner Plate
Salad Plate
Butter Plate
Tea Cup
Large Platter
Oval Vegetable
Round Vegetable
Gravy Boat
Beverage Server
Charger Plate
Tulip Bowl
Pasta Bowl
Embassy Bowl
Small Round Bowl
Medium Round Bowl
Large Round Bowl
Small Sushi Tray
Large Sushi Tray
Handled Tray
Large Oval Bowl
Round Covered Box
Large Oval Mint
Shell Shaped Dish
Set of Six Canape Plates
9) Charger plates can be monogrammed on the rim or in the center
Monogrammed Chargers
10) Easy minimum requirement of purchase of 1 five piece place setting or 4 individual monogrammed pieces.



Monogrammed serving pieces
Block monogram style
Shown left to right:
Rim Oval Vegetable - 9 1/2", 26 oz.
Rim Round Vegetable - 9 3/8", 32 oz.
Rim Fruit - 5", 7 oz.
Vision Large Oval Platter - 14 5/8" x 10 7/8"
Rim Gravy Boat - 10 1/2 oz.
Soup Plate - 9 1/4", 10 oz.
Monogrammed serving pieces no monogram
No monogram
Shown left to right:
Same pieces and sizes as shown at left


Additional OptionsComplete your collection of custom Pickard fine china with:
• Monogrammed charger plates
• A gift box with six monogrammed canape plates (see below)

Monogrammed Chargers tableware image
Monogrammed Chargers
Monogrammed Canape Plates
Monogrammed Canape (Butter) Plates
$246 retail


(1) Outside band and monogram available in gold, platinum, green, light blue, burgundy, black, cobalt/navy blue & yellow.(2) A 3-5-1 band is solid 9mm wide and formed by a band of 3mm gold or platinum followed by a 5mm band of color
      (see note 1 for color choices) and finished with 1 mm band of gold or platinum.(3) This pattern has no outside banding - monogram only.(4) In this pattern, the tea cup saucer is monogrammed.

Shapes Chart

Shapes chart


Lettering Details

Script Font

Block Font