Custom dinnerware for the boardroom, yacht or corporate jet makes a's the look of exclusivity that gives your table distinction.
Pickard offers a complete range of standard dinnerware pieces along with an assortment of specialty items such as cream soup and demitasse cups. Add your company logo to your favorite Pickard stock pattern or create a unique design. Pickard's minimum custom order of only 25 place settings, or 125 pieces, makes it easy to enjoy your own special china service.


Our Custom China Process

1. Inquiry and Consultation:

  • Customers initiate the process by contacting Pickard China with their customization requirements.
  • Consultation may involve discussing design ideas, quantities, timelines, and any specific preferences.

2. Design Development:

  • The customer provides logos and artwork via a drawn, outlined or vector computer art graphic file. Pickard China's design team works with the customer to develop custom artwork or adapt existing designs to meet their specifications. If customers are interested in totally new pattern designs, an independent tabletop graphic artist may need to be added to the project development process. Basic custom designs, e.g. gold banded china with a custom gold logo, will not require an independent tabletop graphic artist. Once the design is finalized a digital proof of the custom china will be submitted for review and approval.  

3. Material and Product Selection:

  • Customers choose the type of china, style, and any additional features for their custom pieces.
  • Pickard China provides information on available materials, finishes, and options.

4. Order Minimum, Quotation and Agreement:

  • Pickard China has a $3,500.00 order minimum associated to all custom orders. This minimum is applicable to the direct purchase of ware. All art development, custom decal printing set-up, shipping and other line charges are not applicable to the order minimum threshold: you must purchase $3,500.00 of custom ware.
  • A detailed quote is provided, outlining costs for design, production, and any additional services. All custom orders require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the total order value at the time of order placement. The deposit has non-refundable status as Pickard would have no secondary market for the custom decals and ware associated to a custom order. The second 50% payment, plus any applicable shipping charges, is due when the custom order is completed and ready for shipment. The second 50% payment must be received prior to the shipment of goods from the Pickard China factory.

5. Prototyping:

  • Depending on the complexity of the design, a physical prototype or proof sample(s) may be created for the customer's approval. However, Pickard cannot produce physical proof samples without first receiving a purchase order and the required 50% non-refundable deposit.

6. Production Scheduling:

  • Once the design is approved, the production schedule is established, taking into account manufacturing timelines and order quantities.

7. Manufacturing:

  • The custom china is produced using the agreed-upon specifications.
  • Quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process.

8. Quality Assurance:

  • Each piece undergoes a quality inspection to ensure it meets the established standards.
  • Defective items are identified and either corrected or discarded.

9. Packaging and Shipping:

  • Custom china is carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit.
  • Shipping arrangements are made, and the customer is provided with tracking information.

Ordering Information

For Custom China and Awards & Gifts

  • 1. Minimum Order Threshold:
    Pickard has a minimum custom order requirement of $3,500.00. This minimum must be meet through the direct purchase of ware. Line charges such as decal set-up and printing, shipping costs, ….etc. are not applicable towards the minimum order threshold of $3,500.00.  

    2. Artwork: 
    Pickard will need a drawn, outlined or vector computer graphic art file of your custom logo, crest, seal and or design. The most common art file we use is a drawn adobe illustrator (a.i. file), but there are many computer file formats that will work, e.g. TIF, EPS, …etc, What does not work is a low-resolution scan file such as a j-peg or pdf file.  

    3. Art Approval: 
    A pre-production proof sample can be supplied if required. No work will begin until Pickard receives written approval of this sample. The proof sample will be waived for custom orders involving basic designs or a short delivery time. If a pre-production proof sample is waived, Pickard accepts no responsibility for any deviation from exact replication of artwork.

    4. Pricing: 
    Given the wide range of custom options, it is not possible to have a standardized custom order price list. Therefore, all custom orders are quoted on a project-by-project basis. Additionally, all custom orders require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the order value at the time of order placement. The deposit has non-refundable status as Pickard would have no secondary market for custom decals and custom ware. The second 50% payment, plus any applicable shipping charge, is due when the order is completed and must be paid in full prior to shipment of the custom order from the Pickard China factory.  

    5. Production Time: 
    The average delivery time for a custom order is 6-8 weeks from date approval is given to proceed with the production order of the custom china. Lead times can vary based on Pickard’s order volume and or special  

    6. Packaging: 
    All orders will be shipped in bulk packing. Gift boxing is available at an additional cost. 

    7. Cancellation of Order: 
    All custom orders have non-cancelable status 

    8. Returns: 
    All custom orders have non-returnable status.  
    9. Shipping and Freight Claims: 
    All shipments are F.O.B. Antioch, Illinois. Your order can ship collect via a provided freight account number or Pickard will ship your order on our UPS account and pass through the UPS shipping charges on the second 50% payment. All freight/shipping claims for breakage, damage, lost material, …etc. are the responsibility of the customer. Once again, all orders ship from Pickard China F.O.B. Antioch, Illinois.  

    10. Drop Shipping: 
    Pickard offers drop shipping at a cost of $20 for each individual drop shipment.