The Pickard Signature Collection

Embrace the beauty and tradition of The Pickard Signature
Collection, and make your next dining experience truly unforgettable with personalized monogrammed fine china.

Tailor your fine china by selecting from three body color options: white, ultra white, or ivory and add a touch of sophistication with your choice of precious metal – either gold or platinum.

Elevate your table, your moments, and your legacy with Pickard.

Springfield, The Majestic Oak

Introducing Pickard's exquisite new pattern, designed by Illinois First Lady Mary Kathryn “MK” Pritzker. Springfield is artfully adorned with the timeless elegance of oak trees, leaves, and acorns. This meticulously crafted design captures the beauty of nature, bringing the essence of oak's strength and grace to your table. Each piece showcases intricate detailing, from the majestic oak tree to the delicate leaves and acorns, creating a sophisticated and nature-inspired table setting. Elevate your dining experience with this stunning pattern that seamlessly blends classic charm with the enduring allure of the oak tree.



Your Plate Stack's Best Mixable Mate

Dress your table in playful hues with Colorsheen, where every plate stack is a whimsical adventure in color coordination! Mix and match to your heart's delight, creating a joyful palette that's as fun as it is fabulous. With Colorsheen, your plate stack becomes a burst of color, making every meal a delightful celebration!


Georgian, The Foundation Piece To Your Stack

The Pickard China Georgian Pattern, in Gold or Platinum, serves as an exquisite foundation piece for plate stacking, elevating any table setting with its timeless elegance and sophistication. Whether used as a standalone piece or combined with other patterns, the Pickard China Georgian pattern creates a stunning table presentation that exudes class and refinement.

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