• Color Bands and GoldWe expertly match your color and combine it with gold or platinum bands

    Green, burgundy & black color bands
    Green, burgundy & black color bands detail
    Green, burgundy and black color with gold bands.
    Trio of cups image
    Green, black and burgundy color with gold bands.

    Supply us with your color and we will expertly match it.
    Combine with gold or platinum bands for an elegant dining experience.

    Black color banded cup
    Black and gold banded.
    Green color banded cup
    Burgundy color banded cup
    Green and gold banded. Burgundy and gold banded.
  • Five Plate Grouping: A variety of shapes and decorations accompanied by your custom artwork

    Five plate grouping

    Include a personal expression with the tasteful addition of your artwork.

    Logos from top to bottom:
    Indonesian Embassy
    United Nations
    Johnson & Higgins
  • South Carolina Governor's Mansion:

    Galaxy Service Plate
    +Galaxy Service Plate

    State Seal Logo
    State Seal Logo

    + "Gold Lincoln" Custom
    China Service

    SC Governor's Mansion

    Pickard was proud to be selected by the South Carolina's Governor's Mansion Commission to produce a custom fine china service as part of the mansion's restoration plans. The 144-year old mansion underwent an extensive two year renovation, reopening on June 2, 2001.

    Pickard's "Gold Lincoln" pattern was selected along with Galaxy service plates, incorporating the seal of the state of South Carolina in 24k gold matching the pattern. The State Dining Room and the Palmetto Dining Room are two of the rooms where the china will be in service.

  • Johnson & Higgins

    Blue and gold custom dinnerware
    Blue and gold custom dinnerware logo detail
  • Masonic House

    Masonic House
    Masonic House logo detail
  • Perkiomen School

    Perkiomen School
    Perkiomen School
  • Marriott - Palm Springs

    Black and platinum
    Black and platinum logo detail
  • Gold with Logo24k gold art shown with various styles of gold bands

    Custom dinnerware with logos
    Gold logo detail
    Gold logo detail
    Gold logo detail
  • Three Plate Grouping: Narrow rim "vision" shape dinner plates with various band treatments and artwork

    Custom dinnerware with logos
    Logo detail
    Logo detail
    Logo detail
  • Burgundy & Gold and Platinum & Gold

    Burgundy & Gold and Gold & Platinum Custom

  • Black and Gold

    Black & Gold Custom

Custom Service Plates