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Pickard: America's finest china


Experts and connoisseurs of fine porcelains agree that Pickard is America's finest china - some will add that Pickard makes the finest china available anywhere in the world. At the heart of this proud tradition of excellence are stringent quality standards that have been passed down through four generations of the Pickard family.

All Pickard china is made in the U.S.A. by the same skilled craftsmen that produce the china that serves the President aboard Air Force One. When our ambassadors entertain queens, sultans and heads of state in U.S. embassies around the globe, their tables are set with Pickard.

Click on the links below to see a selection of unique presentation and commemoration pieces artfully fashioned by Pickard. For pricing and design information, contact your Pickard representative:


Gifts of Elegance

Whether you are recognizing an employee, commemorating an event, celebrating a championship or wish to present a client with a token of your esteem, Pickard conveys significance with the utmost of good taste. Please see examples below:

Pickard: Gifts of Elegance


Awards of Distinction

Pictured below: small, medium, and large round bowls. Tulip candy bowl, large oval bowl, and nut/candy dishes.

Pickard Gift Bowls

Pickard Gift Bowls

Pickard's selection of awards and gifts features three elegant looks:

Richmond - Elegance in simplicity. Pure 24 karat gold bands that accent the warm, ivory color of Pickard china.

Custom Color Band - Start with Richmond, then add a band of your organization's signature color or match a swatch from your decor.

Royale - Deep cobalt blue shows off the exceptional brilliance of Pickard's celebrated glaze and offers the perfect ground for your gold imprint. If desired, in most cases platinum can be used in place of gold.


Round Covered Boxes

Round Covered Boxes


Gifts and Decorative Accessories Shapes Chart

Clipart of Can Cup & Saucer Can Cup & Saucer
Capacity 7 1/2 oz.
Other shapes also available
  Clipart of Large Fluted Bowl Large Fluted Bowl
Diameter 7 1/2"
Clipart of Coffee Mug Coffee Mug
Capacity 10 oz.
  Clipart of Large Oval Bowl Large Oval Bowl
Length 11 1/2" x  Width 9"
Capacity 84 oz.
Clipart of Nut/Candy Dish Nut/Candy Dish
Diameter 5"
  Clipart of Tulip Bowl Tulip Bowl
Capacity 10 oz.
Diameter 5"
Clipart of Shell Shaped Dish Shell Shaped Dish
Diameter 5"
  Clipart of Large Round Bowl Large Round Bowl
Diameter 10"
Capacity 112 oz.
Clipart of Ruth Candy Dish Ruth Candy Dish
Length 6 3/4"
  Clipart of Medium Round Bowl Medium Round Bowl
Diameter 8 1/2"
Capacity 90 oz.
Clipart of Pencil Cup Pencil Cup
Height 4"
  Clipart of Small Round Bowl Small Round Bowl
Diameter 7 1/4"
Capacity 44 oz.
Clipart of Covered Box Covered Box
Diameter 3 1/2"
Height 2 3/4"
  Clipart of Nancy Vase Nancy Vase
Height 7"
Clipart of Large Covered Box Large Covered Box
Diameter 4"
Height 1 3/4"
  Clipart of Ellen Vase Ellen Vase
Height 7 3/8"
Clipart of Handled Tray Handled Tray
Length 10" x Width 5"
  Clipart of Sharon Vase Sharon Vase
Height 7"
Clipart of Small Oval Mint Dish Small Oval Mint Dish
Length 6"
  Clipart of Mari Vase Mari Vase
Height 5 1/2"
Clipart of Large Oval Mint Dish Large Oval Mint Dish
Length 7 1/2"
  Clipart of Federal Pitcher Federal Pitcher
Capacity 76 oz.
Height 8"
Clipart of Handled Cake Plate Handled Cake Plate
Diameter 11"
  Clipart of Tankard Tankard
Capacity 16 oz.
Clipart of Small Fluted Bowl Small Fluted Bowl
Diameter 5"
  Clipart of Paperweight Paperweight
Diameter 3 1/2"


Custom China

Custom dinnerware for the boardroom, yacht or corporate jet makes a's the look of exclusivity that gives your table distinction.
Pickard offers a complete range of standard dinnerware pieces along with an assortment of specialty items such as cream soup and demitasse cups. Add your company logo to your favorite Pickard stock pattern or create a unique design. Pickard's minimum custom order of only 25 place settings or 125 pieces makes it easy to enjoy your own special china service.

Pictured are some examples of the many available decorating possibilities. A narrow band of your signature hue encased in gold or platinum could adorn just the edge of a plate, or perhaps you'd like the entire rim filled with color. You can choose your favorites from a variety of different plate and cup shapes.

Custom China


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